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    Innovative, Customized Solutions for an Aeronautics Company

    A leading company in aeronautics, with a specialty in unmanned systems need a reliable display solution to introduce a new command and control mission support shelter. With Eurobiz as its partner of choice learn how this company found the right products having the exact mechanical parameters suitable for this special installation.

  • cs_5

    Improved Video Performance for a Military Application

    A producer of rugged mechanical panels made for military purposes was in a very late stage of a naval project and needed help fast. Its current monitor system was offering very poor video performances and they needed another solution. Learn how Eurobiz helped deliver a superior solution with high SNR to clear out any environmental interferences.

  • cs_4

    A Need for Multiple Display Options

    A leading global developer and producer of medical aesthetics devices was looking for a simple yet highly sophisticated interface that would make it easy for medical professionals to interact with their machine quickly and easily. In order to stay in the game with other competing products Eurobiz proposed the “intelligent” display module. Read on to find out why the client accepted this solution.

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    An outdoor application for a naval display system

    This national navy operates multiple vessels utilizing on-ship systems. As with any mechanical or computer system, maintenance and upgrade are critical for those systems to remain reliable. In search of a highly rugged, sealed-panel PC system with programmable buttons this national navy turned to Eurobiz.

  • cs_2

    A Quality Monitor for Surgery Medical System

    This medical company is a leader and innovator in the field of medical robotics, focusing primarily on applications for spine and brain surgery. A key equipment need for the client was a monitor with multi-point touch screen technology that could be easily integrated into the client’s system. After trying many solutions learn why this company chose Eurobiz to provide the 24″ widescreen LED dual-touch LCD monitor needed to complete their product.

  • cs_1

    A Tablet Solution on a Short Time Schedule

    Our client offers Performance Improvement Solutions to its customers in the manufacturing industry. They were in the process of manufacturing a solution to monitor the statistics of CNC machines, in order to pass even more efficiency and productivity on to its clients. Part of the final product required a 10 inch tablet that would be rugged enough to function effectively in a noisy industrial environment. Read the case study to find out how Eurobiz provided the perfect solution in record time.

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    Digital Signage

    Take engagement to a new level with these solutions that reach audiences in many industries, including retail, hospitality, healthcare, entertainment, financial services and transportation.

  • EBG_medical


    Understanding that your needs for medical display solutions range from patient care to information displays, we provide you with the solution that offers the highest quality service.

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    Get Harsh Environment Display Solutions that have already passed MIL-STD 810G and MIL-461 Military Grade testing.

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    Depending on the needs for each application we have the ability to provide industrial display systems based on size, resolution, brightness, operating temperature range, the enclosure, mounting method and much more.