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  • Eurobiz Rugged/Miltary Solutions

    Our military experts understand the toughness required in the field environment.

    Whether you need a solution for inside a vehicle, in a plant, or in a remote outdoor location, let our team design a solution that stands up to military/rugged/IEC standards.

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Case Study

Our client is the national navy with multiple vessels utilizing on-ship systems. Some of the on-ship systems are used for monitoring, while others are used for ammunition or fire control. As with any mechanical or computer system, this client needed to upgrade those systems from time to time.

Our client needed a highly rugged, sealed-panel PC system with programmable buttes that could be used for monitoring and controlling an on-ship work station. The biggest challenge though was making sure it was operable outdoors.

Find out how Europbiz met this client’s needs.

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Committed to Customisation

We know that every military/rugged project comes with its own challenges — and that’s where our commitment to customization comes in.

Whatever the project, you can rely on Eurobiz to remain flexible to the changing project requirements, delivering products that are functional and reliable, while at the same time remaining cost-optimized and on time.

Regardless of the sample order, mass production with volume, we can react quickly to absorb the capacity. Under ISO regulation, all products are inspected from material to finished products each and every time.

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