An outdoor application for a naval display system

  • Introduction

    Our client is the national navy with multiple vessels utilizing on-ship systems.

    Some of the on-ship systems are used for monitoring, while others are used for ammunition or fire control. As with any mechanical or computer system, this client needed to upgrade those systems from time to time.

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The Challenge

Our client needed a highly rugged, sealed-panel PC system with programmable buttes that could be used for monitoring and controlling an on-ship work station. Perhaps the biggest challenge here was that the PC system would be used outdoors — often in less-than-ideal conditions.

The Solution

To meet the client’s needs, we recommended our 19-inch panel PC Fully IP67 unit, designed with high brightness and front protection glass. It would support a high-end core I7/15 CPU and an internal SSD.

To further meet the client’s needs, the System I/O included a composite video input, an RGB input, two RS-485, and two sealed IP USB’s.

Durable in Rugged Conditions

With its rugged exterior and ample components “under the hood,” our client had a durable option that continues to function well, even in outdoor conditions.

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