A Need for Multiple Display Options

  • Introduction

    Our client is a leading global developer and producer of medical aesthetics devices, with a mission to create a new range of high-quality and innovative devices for its niche market.

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The Challenge

The client was looking for a simple yet highly sophisticated interface that would make it easy for medical professionals to interact with the machine quickly and easily. In order to keep the same configuration — and because the medical teams would come to heavily rely on the device’s fully functioning interface — it was crucial that there would be a steady supply for years to come.

To further add to the challenge, the interface needed to come at a very reasonable price, in order to compete with products available from other markets.

How We Helped

To meet the client’s needs, we proposed our “intelligent” display module. The module would offer an integrated processor for downloading all the pictures which were essential to the operating menu, as well as displaying parameters for the relevant fields. This simple, smart LCM touch screen module came in the three required sizes: 7 inches, 10.4 inches, and 15 inches.

A Longtime Customer

Our client was pleased with the ability to choose multiple size options, as well as the simple yet powerful processor — but it was the ability to get them all in one place that made the process even more rewarding.

With EBG’s support and wide range LCM’s we have solution for all our line of products. The importance of their ability to be a “one stop shop” for all the monitoring needs we require cannot be overlooked.

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