Improved Video Performance
for a Military Application

  • Introduction

    Our client is the producer of rugged mechanical panels made for military purposes.

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The Challenge

The client was in a very late stage of a naval project and needed help fast. Its current monitor system was offering very poor video performances and they needed another solution.

Since the project was already late-stage, our challenge was to design a direct-replacement monitor that would fit into the custom 10.4-inch space. The application is a sunlight-readable monitor with full IP65 enclosure and sunlight retable, with a composite video feed from a special day/night surveillance camera.

Our solution needed to deliver superior overall performance, with high SNR to clear out any environmental interferences. That meant a clear, sunlight-readable image PC input, and an option for fast switching between inputs.

The Solution

We recommended a 1000-hit LCD solution with front-protecting glass with AR, and a high-end processor board that offered a clear composite image with PIP/PBP for PC+CVBS signals.

MIL-STD connectors were fitted to upgrade the unit to meet the needs of the application, and a suitable IP seal was applied to the housing. Naturally, the housing followed the existing design and max dimensions.

The End Result

The final product was a success story: A 10.4-inch monitor with full IP65 seal — a rugged monitor that would suit its naval application perfectly.

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