A Quality Monitor for Surgery Medical System

  • Introduction

    Our client is a leader and innovator in the field of medical robotics, focusing primarily on applications for spine and brain surgery. The company seeks to define the future of surgical technology through its effective, cutting-edge, state-of-the-art procedures.

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The Challenge

A key equipment need for the client was a monitor with multi-point touch screen technology that could be easily integrated into the client’s system. Since the monitor would be used during surgeries, it needed to offer vivid color, dual-touch technology and multiple inputs for the various pieces of equipment used during surgery. The monitor also needed to support production in the long-term, so the client wanted something that would function at full capacity for at least three years.

To meet the client’s needs, we offered the Planar 24″ widescreen LED dual-touch LCD monitor. With an optical dual-touch screen and USB touch screen interface, as well as analog, DVI-D, and HDMI input options, it was the ideal option for our client’s purposes.

The monitor is optimized for consumer multimedia applications, allowing users to click through and re-size digital photos quickly and easily. And since users don’t have to install any drivers in order to access the touch screen technology, it offered that easy integration the client was seeking.

How We Helped

In an effort to introduce a new command and control mission support shelter, the client had been seeking a relevant partner to help them with the display solutions. Naturally, that partner needed to have experience and hands on experience of the market — and Eurobiz was a perfect fit.
The client’s requested displays needed to have various inputs, as well as high performance in real- time received video. They also needed additional displays that could be used for control interface touch monitors.

Our challenge was to find the right products for all the client’s special requests, while at the same time having the exact mechanical parameters suitable for this special installation. In addition, the product needed to be durable in difficult environments, with broad vibration and shock temperature parameters.

To meet the client’s needs, we selected small-size monitors with touch function that was modified mechanically. We also employed large-size high-resolution displays with custom-made housing and interface.

A Solid Solution

The client previously tried many options, but chose the Planar monitor for a number of reasons.

Systems in R&D phase have a tendency to result in many issues in real time which can impede our obligations to our customers. Eurobiz had a considerable positive impact on helping us maintain our reputation by meeting all of our requests on time and on schedule.

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