A Tablet Solution on a Short Time Schedule

  • Introduction

    Our client offers Performance Improvement Solutions to its customers in the manufacturing industry. Its specialty areas include the metal processing and cutting sectors, where it offers a signature Performance Improvement Management System (PIM).

    The PIM system can connect to any type of production machine in most market segments or application types, delivering overwhelming cost reduction and productivity benefits for the client’s customers.

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The Challenge

Our client was looking for a solution to monitor the statistics of its CNC machines, in order to pass even more efficiency and productivity on to its clients.

The initial proposal was a tablet that included the appropriate software in order to comply with requirements. It turned out though that in a noisy industrial environment, that solution was not rugged enough. Because of that setback, the client needed another solution in a relatively short time frame.

A Reliable Solution

To solve the ruggedness issue, we proposed using a small 10.1-inch Industrial Panel PC with the apropriate enclosure to ensure EMI/RFI protection. The solution ran on an Android system that would support the monitoring software.

The client was extremely pleased with the results — as well as the ability to get the solution they needed fast.

A Longtime Customer

EBG solution came just in time. We were searching for a very reliable human machine interface (HMI) in very short schedule. They have their ability to say YES to every request.

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