Retail Store Boost Sales with
Eurobiz Digital Signage Solutions

  • Introduction

    A popular retail chain selling women’s and men’s clothing were embarking on a project to rebrand their stores and create a more interactive experience for their clients.

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The Challenge

Their vision included using double sided totems on the store floor that would be easy to manage and maintain. This meant that durability and reliability were very important factors as well as preserving a competitive price. They were also very concerned about receiving local support for installation and optimization.

How We Helped

Partnering with Eurobiz, commercial grade screens built with high quality components that could be used 24/7 with a lifespan of 50,0000 hours were offered as the solution. In addition, the use of the power timer feature made it easy to set daily or weekly on/off time completely removing the need for any further interaction with the display by store clerks.

Additional features included were:

Plug and Play: Each screen came with its own built-in media player making the upload of content easy in one single step. Using a USB stick content was easily loaded onto the unit and once the USB was removed the content (images or videos) would play in a constant loop.

Complimentary Scheduling Software: This scheduling feature allowed owners to take control of the display choosing what is displayed on the screens and when it appeared.

Update Remotely or Run Screens from an external source – The possibility to update the screens remotely via LAN, WiFi or 3G or to set up a small PC inside the lockable compartment in order to run content via HDMI or VGA inputs was also a very attractive feature which made operating the units easier.

The Result

With this all-in-one digital signage solution customer were now afforded a more heightened experience while shopping in store which increased sales and visibility of this popular retail store.

With Eurobiz we were able to achieve a digital signage solution that far exceeded our expectations. We were very pleased with the final outcome and outstanding service received from them

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